Northampton's Finest Free house?

The Northampton Gent review of The Lamplighter

In a time when so many pubs and bars seem to be jumping on trends and gimmicks in a bid to remain popular, the Northampton Gent has the unbridled pleasure of reviewing a free house that has managed to merge tradition with innovation. Hidden off the beaten track in the Mounts area of Northampton resides The Lamplighter, a popular, award winning hidden gem that every gent should know about.

The pub was bought by Landlord Paul Hanna and his brother back in 2009. Having grown up in the trade and with their family having pubs all over London, the pair developed an appreciation for honest, traditional pubs and wanted to create their own. So whilst many a pub were closing their doors during the depths of the recession, the brothers saw the potential of The Lamplighter and decided to take the opportunity to turn it into something special...

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